Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Half-year´s resolutions

There´s only two of them. But they´re biggies.

1. Get my driver´s license.
Primary motivation: When I have a car I can play my music in it.
Additional considerations: Have realised it might actually be easier to obtain license than constantly have to manipulate/beg my friends for lifts. And I will be independent and feel like I´m 18 again.

2. Get a job.
Primary motivation: I will have a business card to give to people at parties. How is one supposed to have a social life worthy of a young professional without this essential accessory?
Additional consideration: I will stop feeling that I am turning into the Hugh Grant character in About a boy.


Anonymous said...

Focused. Nice. Good luck.

TM said...

Thanks love!

sharonski said...

You could alternatively move to India and desensitise your soul to regimented road rules. OK, so there's no mountain to stare at, but I can vouch for the liberation travelling by tuk tuk offers - nerves of steel are a handy bonus.
Business cards? Now there's something I haven't, at the age of 42, got round to, but have toyed with since arriving here. May just take your advice, this being a day for resolutions for me too. :)

Marelise said...

Driving one's own car is FUN. Especially if you get to blast all sorts of nasty things out of the sound system.
The best part is when you get to lift all the friends who lifted you over the years, not only to say thank you, but so that you get to say what time you get to go home for a change! :)

TM said...

Sharonski: moving to India sounds very appealing, and then perhaps I can just get around in a rickshaw?

Marelise: don't worry, you are on my list of people to lift around until I'm 40!