Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Family conversation IV

T: "So we can go and book my learner´s tomorrow?"
Mim: "No, I told you we´re going in the opposite direction."
T: "Surely it´s not that far? The longer we wait to do it the longer I´ll be at your mercy."
Mim: "No, the longer I´ll be at your mercy."
T: "I guess we´ll both be at each other´s mercy... Or throats."


marksmith said...

Oooh good luck with the driving. I TOTALLY forgot you didn't drive, but then when I read this, some foggy recollections returned.

What's weird is that once you've had your licence for like a week or so, it becomes the easiest, most unconscious thing you do all day, but I remember it seeming CRAZILY difficult at first (I'm talking manual and clutch control and all the mad 360 degree checks you have to keep doing).

So good luck, and don't be daunted! And be stern with Mim! She is taking you for a ride (pun intended)

TM said...

Thanks Mark. I have learner's booked for Monday, but that's the easy part!