Sunday, 20 July 2008

Friendly Conversation III

At ATOM...

Dick-the-barman: "What are you doing here?"
T: "I´m down from Jozi for the weekend."
Dick-the-barman: "Oh, I thought you were out on a day pass from Valkenburg."
T: "Actually, the last time I was in a psychiatric institution was in Switzerland."
Dick-the-barman: "It´s hard to know how to respond to that."

Dick-the-barman virtually speechless - a rare occasion, which banished all vestiges of depression from my psyche ;)


Marelise said...

Bless you for shutting him up!

TM said...

Must say, I am quite proud of my extraordinary feat!

RK said...

It is indeed rare to find a quick response for Dick; but bless Dick. I was there for a pre-prandial whatsit last Thursday, and he was dishing out the most delicious samoosas to come whom may. It's all rather Observatorian: apparently, Yellow Rose now operates from previously Masabuca, and they made the samoosas. I couldn't believe it, but they were really good, especially the cheese and spring onion ones.

TM said...

Oh, I do so miss Obscurvitory! Melville doesn´t quite cut it, so taken to hanging out in Brixton... But have yet to find a local barman as entertaining as Dick!