Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Three things that annoy me

1. Mim and Pim's Internet is very slow and temperamental. Also, I can't use the HTML edit function when writing my blog cos of some strange setting on both their laptops that we haven't been able to fix, despite recourse to blogger help groups. I can't access the Internet on my own laptop, as no one can find the password for setting this up. If anyone knows how to solve any of these grave problems, please give me a shout!

2. Pim is constantly listening to talk radio. Talk, talk, talk. It is driving me crazy. What's wrong with a good, old-fashioned melody?

3. Even though our ground-floor apartment is north-facing, it still receives little sun, due to a wall, a tree, and the fact that Jozi is having unaccountably rainy weather for winter.


TM said...

Mim found the password for the sim card this morning. So now I can blog again - yay!

Bec said...

am i hopelessly behind the times? only - why are you not in gtown?

TM said...

Folks moved to Jozi last year, while I was away. So I'm chilling here for a while - could stay up here, or go back to CT, unsure. When you getting home?