Sunday, 04 May 2008


A friend just sent me the link to another friend´s blog, Arselickocracy. I guess Mark is more an acquaintance than a friend, but I don´t do acquaintances, only friends and enemies.

Acquaintance, friend, whatever: his blog is a cracking good read. And he updates a lot more frequently than I do. Welcome to the blogging world, Mark!


marksmith said...

Hey Theresa,

I thought we were friends, albeit estranged ones who hadn't spoken in years. I also don't do acquaintances.

Anyway, thanks for the marketing boost! Love your blogs too...I've subscribed to both, and cry hot, salty tears with each day they are not updated.


TM said...

Thanks Mark - will be back in Jozi soon, so we must unestrange ourselves!