Friday, 09 May 2008

Comment is free

I know that I have some loyal commentators (commentors?) out there; you know you are, and thank you muchly. Nevertheless, it has not escaped my attention that my friends Bec and Mark consistently receive more comments per post than me.

Not that I´m competitive or anything, but I think it is time to rectify this situation. Of course, as well as promoting activity on my blog, I would really like to hear how you all are, as well as as your responses to my writing. So, for the next week there will be a running competition for the wittiest comment on my blog.

The rules:
1. There are two categories. The best comment by a Saffer (prize: a present from Liech, TBA) and the best comment by anyone else (prize: a present from South Africa, TBA).
2. Comments may be on any post; I am notified whenever anyone posts a comment, so don´t be shy to comment on older posts.
3. Past comments are not eligible for the prize, although may receive an honorary mention.
4. You may post as many comments as you like. But if they are spammish, I will delete them.
5. I reserve the right not to award prizes, should comments be of insufficient standard.
6. Closing date: 16/05/08, 11:59pm.
7. Winners will be announced before 18/05/08, 11:59pm.
8. I will make every effort to send winners their prizes, but am not responsible for any failings on the part of the South African postal system.
9. Please note, the judging is an entirely subjective process. However, while my decision will be final, I will gladly enter into correspondence with any agrieved entrants, if it means more comments on my blog ;)
10. Anonymous comments will not be eligible for the prize.

Right, that´s it. Now, get commenting!


Alistair said...

Trinkel, you are so funny! And a complete jealous, feckless, blogger-comment-whore! haha. Can't wait to see you... Bring me a present. ;-)

TM said...

Will have to see if I have enough space for a present... Is my presence not present enough for you?! ;)

TM said...

Also, Al(ice) in Wonderland, I seem to recall you owe me a birthday present from 2001. If it is ready by the time I will get home, I will give you a *very* cool present that I had actually intended to keep for myself. If not, you can look, but not have...

Oliver said...

what maketh a good comment? This is my first foray into the commentsphere. So while I'm here, you smokers really do suck.

TM said...

CT Oliver, or Mexico Oliver? From the comment, I´m guessing CT Oliver? Good news is that I am giving up )or at least attempting to do so) the day I set foot on SA soil, which is in less than a week ;)

TM said...

Oh, and thanks for honouring me with your virgin comment ;)

Alistair said...

The last cigarette ever?

TM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TM said...

But of course... You may even purchase a cigarette off of me; I´m the smoker!

marksmith said...


As discussed, my effortless wittiness has dried up under the pressure of this competition.

So I have decided to post a link to a blogpost advising people how to get more comments. Here it is

OK it is not looking like a link. I don't know how to link things in comments yet. Hope this wins me the prize. Although, I think I might've missed the deadline. Too frazzled right now to check.

TM said...

Thanks Mark. Everyone else´s wit also seems to have dried up, my own included ;)

Totally fabulous link - thank you again! Made me realise just how much research I will have to do to improve my blog and traffic.

Btw, deadline only Friday night, so you have plenty of time for inspiration to strike!

I have really enjoyed finding you and your blog again, so we must definitely meet for drinks soon - back in Jozi on Thursday - yay!

leez said...

Have a look at the first tip.

'Don’t Write a “Nobody is commenting on my blog” Post'
Anyway I foolowed a link from Mark and I'm suitably impressed.

Will read more often.

TM said...

Hi Leez, I won´t make the complaining about lack of comments mistake again! That said, have actually been getting more comments this last week ;) Like your blog too - keep it up!