Thursday, 27 September 2007

Make-up failure

One way of putting on a brave face is to apply a dash of bright-red lipstick. But when I coated my lips with Dior Rouge Dior #976 in Plum Plot this morning, I didn't feel better; I felt like a clown. So I wiped it off, and had to settle for Boots No.7 Stay Perfect in #15 Café as more appropriate for daytime wear.


Marelise said...

My darling, I am extremely impressed to note that Mahendra has left a lasting stain on your writing, in that nearly every post contains at least one reference to clothing - and that said reference has usually functioned as an articulately expressed symbol or indicator. Bravo.
As to "Danke fur die Blumen" - I couldn't think of a more Theresa opening line, so your German teacher clearly has insight. Other possibly useful phrases include "Etwas zu trinken fur mich, bitte?" and "Du bist bildschon, komm mit mich!" (Okay so I can't vouch for the grammar in that one.)
You are certainly doing better than Carol, during her first visit to Germany knew only one word: Zwiebel. She used it every chance she got, though.
(It means "onion".)

TM said...

I honed my style on Mahendra, but the influence of SHOP! must not be discounted (although not many subtle indicators in the mag, to be sure!)

Am trying to translate your phrases without recourse to other resources: "Something something drink for me, please?" and "You are something very, come with me!"

Scheisser! - not so good after all - but I get the gist, and at least I won´t have to limit myself to buying onions ;)

Marelise said...

Hm. How does one type the German S? Schei(german S). Oei.

The translations are:
1. Something to drink for me, please?
2. You are beautiful, come with me.
3. Onion.

Also, since no friend of mine should ever be stranded without a database of insults, "slut" is "Schlumpe", tart (literally, not sure about figuratively?) is "Torte" - and aaah fuck. I shall have to check in my dictionary for "Librarian." Perhaps even "Phys Ed teacher." I'll get back to you.