Friday, 28 September 2007

How to feed friends and influence people

When you can't communicate with language, food is a good substitute.

So I cooked dinner for the students, and Chileans, Georgians, Germans, Hungarians, Latvians, Turks - even a Liechtensteiner! - were united in their appreciation of RK's chicken curry.

"Your cooking tastes very good!" they chorused. Even without turmeric or curry leaves - shopping for spices in Vaduz can be challenging - I had to admit: it didn't taste bad.

"Danke für die Blumen," I said, proud of both my cooking ability, and beginner German.

Then we all drank Russian vodka, and sang Karaoke. I thought it was the Japanese who were obsessed with Karaoke, but the Eastern Europeans could give them a run for their money. The vodka quelled my reservations, and I tunelessly sang along to the Beatles, before tumbling into bed...


Alistair said...

The Eastern Europeans may beat the Japanese at karaoke (although I'm sure I could give any of them a run for their money on Kirsty's Play Station - Sing Star - the best fun ever) but I read today that the Japanese are taking on the Scots as major producers of whisky! They apparently produce many upper end labels which could cause a revolution not unlike when the capital of fine teas moved from London to Paris.

As an aside, I noticed that Japanese "whisky" was spelled the same way as the Scottish. On further study I found that the spelling "whiskey" was used to differentiate the superior Irish drink in the Victorian era. The best in fact was from Dublin All this time I had thought that Whisky was only Scottish as Champagne is only French. Whisky is used by Scotland, Japan and Canada while Whiskey is used by the Irish and the yanks.

Some pointless info.

TM said...

Now I all need is for you to send me a case of Japan´s finest ;)

I think they also make Whisky in Liech, but not sure how to spell it!

Shehnaz said...

Hey Trinks

I am sure you'll find a charo shop-keeper, charos are everywhere
in any event maybe you can stop by tooting and stock up on your spices- do you think you'll have trouble getting spices past customs??