Monday, 17 September 2007

At a loss for words...

Phrases they don't have in my German phrasebook:

1. "My suitcase is very heavy, and I am very short. Please would you help me lift it onto this impossibly high luggage rack?"

2. "I like your band, and you are quite cute. Can I buy you a drink?"

3. "Even though I don't speak German, I am actually very cool, and we should be friends."

You can get round the first situation with gesturing, and saying "danke".

As for the second, body language is universal, but I thought better of my proposition when said singer had a girl draped over him. Also, he was very much younger than I had at first supposed. Check out Rääs, Liechtenstein's answer to Tristan Waterkeyn.

And the third? A smile can't quite convey my inner über babe, so I'm starting German classes this evening... Auf Wiedersehen!


CM said...

I dig the blog! just don't specifically waste all your good writing on it also make for travel articles. i like that i am kim - keep up with the t-shirt expressions
you have a letter from judi - yours is pages, mine is a note - cute though - sorry i forgot the postcards from aunty kate that landed up at 30 pillans

TM said...

I like you being Kim too, but logically that makes me into Tim ;) Still waiting for letter, but perhaps Pim will bring it for me when he goes to Stockholm via Zuruch.