Thursday, 07 August 2008

The sweetest dreams

Am tired but buzzing after a hectic evening at work. Had to dash off some admin mails when I got home. And over-organise stuff for tomorrow. But, after receiving the following message from my dear friend Sebastian in Germany, I feel the right kind of tired... dreamy tired.

So sleep tight and dream about whatever you wish. But flowers, butterflies and a nice forest with cloudy red-blue heaven is the best, and suddenly a soulfly passes by just in front of your eyes, and suddenly you are asleeep... Have nice dreams... some surrealistic ones.


Bomvu said...

Beutiful, enjoyed reading that :)

TM said...

Thank you! Do I know you? Btw, my blog has migrated to, and I will be deleting the current one fairly soon. Do you mind if I repost your comment up at the new site?