Tuesday, 01 April 2008

Ankle tan

It is beginning to frustrate me that I'm so out of date on my blog. I mean, in terms of posting, I'm still in London, but in real life I'm actually in Dubai.

And some posts just won't wait. I'm distraught, because I've just discovered that I have an ankle tan, courtesy of the Capri trousers I wore on the city tour yesterday. At least it's not a sock tan. And after winter in Liech, I'm glad I've got any sort of tan at all!


Alistair said...

Yes, and I want to read your current shenanigans as they happen! Why not condense the past (except for the bits involving me) and brazenly record the present?

ps. I LOVE Shantaram!

Lieze said...

I'm so proud of your tan! and that it isn't a sock tan is brilliant...you should see my slip slop tan, I think those are the best actually ;-) my cycling tan is hideous though!
Write more!! and fast! ;-)

Jeanne said...

LOL - that's so funny, I thought I was the only one who was woefully behind in reporting their adventures!! I keep alluding to these wonderful holidays and meals that I've had but real life always gets in the way of blogging them!! If it makes you feel better, I was in Dubai in Nov 2005 and I STILL haven't blogged it :o)

TM said...

Alistair: Have made a new decision to post about the present and past concurrently - hope not too confusing!

Lieze: what does a cycling tan look like?!

Jeanne: Glad to hear I´m not the only one who´s behind the times!