Sunday, 04 November 2007

Random fact of the week

At Zurich Hauptbahnhof you have to pay to use the toilets. They´re maintained by a company called McClean.

The facilities are indeed sparkling clean. But it costs CHF1 to use them if you´re a guy, and a whole CHF2 if you´re a woman. This didn´t make me feel clean, even when I was sitting on the cute little chair in front of the pristine mirror and powdering my nose to get my money´s worth; it made me feel that it´s a pretty dirty thing to be female.


Raphael said...

Dirty? That's a little harsh, don't you think?

I too used to resent the shocking favouritism shown towards women in public toilets - the free massages from buff, shirtless men, the cocktails with maraschino cherries and tiny paper umbrellas, the cute little chairs and pristine mirrors... But, in fairness, women get a pretty unfair deal in other things so maybe this helps to balance it all out.

Isn't it charmingly Swiss though to try to ease your conscience by pecuniary means?

TM said...

Isn´t it more often men who are shown favours (shocking to some) in public toilets?

Raphael said...

You may be on to something but I'm afraid I'm neither a Republican Senator nor a Tory MP so I'm a little unclear on the matter.

Marelise said...

That's strange. Everyone knows men have horrible messy urinals that smell bad. Surely they should be more expensive to clean than our polite little tinkles?

TM said...

One would have thought so!