Tuesday, 09 October 2007

Muscle hangover

Went on a hike with the Realschule from Malbun (Liech) to Feldkirch (Austria), along the Saminatal.

Mountains, rivers, forests... The scenery was breathtaking and, after 14km, I was breathless.

The next day, as I hobbled around school, I proudly spoke my latest German phrase to all and sundry. "Ich habe Muskelkater" [Lit: I have a muscle hangover].


Marelise said...

Wahaha! What a great phrase. So where are the pics? I am eagerly awaiting news of a new album in my Facebook feed.

TM said...

Forgot to take a camera on that day, sorry! Will load some pics when I get back from London, but am not such a happy snapper as you and Kim ;)

CM said...

yes yes you have a cool new camera you must use it!

Anonymous said...

hee hee that will be my new phrase too (: